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“A major difficulty of family law is that the
problems brought by clients are frequently not legal problems; they are deep
human problems in which law is involved.” Howard Irving, Divorce Mediation:
The Rational Alternative 147 

Distanced Couple

As painless as a divorce could be 


We are a  divorce mediation firm that offers complete solution to your Massachussets divorce. Whether you only need some help coming to terms with each other, or you need to be hand-walked through the entire process and document drafting, we are here to provide an efficient, sensible solution.



  • Divorce Mediation

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Flat Fee Complete Divorce Solution

  • Separation Agreements

  • Custody Disputes

  • Child Support Matters

  • Asset and Debt Division

  • Alimoni

  • Unmarried Parents Custody Matters

We believe that the end of a marriage does not need to lead to bitterness and financial ruin to both spouses. Adversarial Probate Court litigation tends to be lengthy, expensive, stressful, and many times - unpredictable.  When resolving a family dispute through mediation, you retain control of your own fate. We are committed to providing divorcing couples with a confidential and neutral environment where they can reconcile their differing interests and reach a fair and workable solution.

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